Born February 11 1964 in Pasadena California to two very understanding middle class Catholic parents, I remember the days when mass was done in Latin. Magic language, magic practices, and magic altars with their own ritualistic traditions are intriguing at 5 years old. Not knowing Latin, I relied more on visuals to receive the communication. The priest was using beautiful sacred tools and potions that were subject-created to bring me into communion with the subject. As the Priest has made his tools of gold and silver and Blood and Body to be in direct relationship with the subject Jesus, I create my tools of Aluminum and Titanium and Blood and Body to be in direct relationship with the subjects they are created for.

The tools I create and work with are pinhole cameras. With pinhole photography, the same air that touches my subject can pass through the pinhole and touch the photo emulsion on the film. There’s no barrier between the two. There are no lenses changing and manipulating light. There are no chips converting light to binary code. With pinhole what you get is an unmanipulated true representation of a segment of light and time, a pure reflection of what is at that moment. With some exposure times getting close to 2 hours, it’s an unsegmented movie from a movie camera with only one frame.

The creation of a camera comes from my desire to relate to a subject. When I choose a subject I spend time studying it. Then I start visualizing how I would like a photo of the subject to look. When that’s figured out, I start on the camera stage of the project by collecting parts, artifacts and relics that relate to the subject. When I’ve gathered enough parts and feel for the subject, I start the construction of the camera. I create the cameras from Aluminum, Titanium, Copper, Brass, Bronze, Steel, Silver, Gold, Wood, Acrylic, Glass, Horn, Ivory, Bone, Human Bone, Human Skulls, Human Organs, Formaldehyde, HIV+ Blood and relics all designed to be the sacred bridge of a communion offering between myself and the subject. All to witness and be a tool of the horrors of creation and the beauty of decay presented by the author light and time.

Wayne Martin Belger


Past Jobs
Camp counsellor, stock boy, professional treasure hunter, child recovery specialist, rock climbing instructor, scuba instructor (Dive Master Training), L.A. Kings Pro Hockey team (mascot, Kingston), Anaheim Mighty Ducks Pro Hockey team (mascot, Wildwing), Hockey player, studio musician, professional touring musician (Wicked Tinkers), artist, machinist, manicurist.

Solo Shows
Strychnin Gallery, Berlin, Germany. 2011 upcoming show
Meta Gallery, Toronto, Canada April 2010 upcoming
Varnish Fine Art, San Francisco, CA. October 2006
Billy Shire Fine Art, Culver City, CA. March 2006
Bert Green Fine Art, Gallery Row, L.A., CA. April 2005
Etherton Gallery, Tucson, AZ. January 2005 (W/ Joel-Peter Witkin)
Root 2 Fruit, San Francisco, CA. November 2002
Todd Hughs Fine Art, Pasadena, CA. December 2001
The BAU Gallery, Ojai, CA. August 2001
The Brewery, L.A., CA. June 2001

Group Shows
Art 21, Cologne, Germany. November 2010 upcoming show
Arts Eye, Tucson, AZ. May 2009
Rivet Gallery, Columbus, Ohio February 2009
Device Gallery, La Jolla, CA. July 2008
La Luz de Jesus Gallery, L.A., CA. March 2004
M Modern Gallery, Palm Springs, CA. February 2004
Roq La Rue Gallery, Seattle, WA. October 2003
City of Brea Gallery, Brea, CA. April 2003
Wiford & Vogt fine art, Santa Fe, NM. January 2003
Wiford & Vogt fine art, Santa Fe, NM. December 2002
The Folk Tree Gallery, Pasadena, CA. October 2002
Fototeka fine art, L.A. CA. June 2002
The Folk Tree Gallery, Pasadena, CA. October 2001

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Light Leaks Magazine, 8-page feature story, Spring 2008
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Story by Laurie Pike, Los Angeles Times.

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